Altitide & Driving Distance in Bhutan

Driving distance in Bhutan

The National highway is the only main road that connect the people of East to West of country. The road is 3.5m wide that takes traveler from mountain top, cliffs and down to lower hills. The road is now upgraded and made into double line in many parts of the country. The roads having ups and down and many turning has given traveler hectic drive. The 4WD SUVand Toyota Coaster bus, Toyota Hiace, Hyundai H1 gives comfort to traveler for covering long distance with frequently variation in altitudes.

We recommend for traveler who are prone to motion sickness to carry medication with you as a precaution since you all come from low altitude.

Paro Thimphu 65 kms 01 hour
Paro Haa 65 kms 1.5 – 02 hours
Thimphu Haa 115 kms 03 – 04 hours
Thimphu Phuentsholing 176 kms 07 – 08 hours
Thimphu Wangduephodrang 70 kms 03 hours
Thimphu Punakha 77 kms 03 hours
Thimphu Phobjhika (Gangtey) 135 kms 5.5 – 06 hours
Punakha Wangduephodrang 13 kms 45 minutes
Punakha Phobjhika (Gangtey) 78 kms 03 hours
Punakha Bumthang 212 kms 08 hours
Bumthang Gangtey (Phobjikha) 188 kms 05 – 06 hours
Gangtey (Phobjikha) Trongsa 120 kms 4.5 – 05 hours
Gangtey (Phobjikha) Wangduephodrang 65 kms 2.5 – 03 hours
Trongsa Wangduephodrang 129 kms 4.5 – 05 hours
Trongsa Punakha 142 kms 06 hours
Trongsa Bumthang 68 kms 02 hours
Bumthang Mongar 198 kms 07 – 08 hours
Mongar Lhuentse 76 kms 03 hours
Mongar Trashigang 91 kms 03 – 04 hours
Trashigang Chorten Kora 52 kms 02 hours
Trashigang Samdrup Jongkhar 180 kms 07 hours
Trashigang Trashiyangtshe 55 kms 02 hours
Samdrup Jongkhar Guwahati (Assam, India) 110 kms 03 hours
Samdrup Jongkhar Phuentsholing 400 kms 10 hours
Phuentsholing Bagdogra (West Bengal, India) 165 kms 4.5 hours
Phuentsholing Siliguri (West Bengal, India) 155 kms 04 hours
Phuentsholing Darjeeling (West Bengal, India) 200 kms 06 hours
Phuentsholing Kalimpong (West Bangal, India) 185 kms 05 hours
Phuentsholing Gangtok (Sikkim, India) 220 kms 07 hours
Phuentsholing Dooars (Chalsa) (West Bengal, India) 110 kms 2.5 hours

Altitude in Bhutan

Bhutan altitude is higher than most traveler travelled from. So the altitude sickness is rare for the traveler who is doing cultural tours. It is generally below 2500 mtrs and 3000 mtrs sometime only when you cross the passes. But the trekker it starts from 3000mtrs and goes up to 5000mtrs. We suggest traveler to do hike or trek only after your few days stay in Bhutan to acclimatize your body with Bhutan climates.

We urge all the trekkers if incase you are felling altitude sickness, don’t ever try to go further, immediately advise your trek guide to descent downhill and drink plenty of fluids and inform to concern office as early as possible.

Paro 2,250m / 7,382ft
Chelela Pass 3,988m / 12,454ft
Thimphu 2,350m / 7,710ft
Phuentsholing 300m / 985ft
Dochu La Pass 3,150m / 10,334ft
Punakha 1,310m / 4,300ft
Wangduephodrang 1,310m / 4,300ft
Phobjhika (Gangtey) 2,900m / 9,510ft
Pele La Pass 3,420m / 11,220ft
Trongsa 2,200m / 7,215ft
Yutong La Pass 3,425m / 11,269ft
Bumthang 2,800m / 9,185ft
Thrumshing La Pass 3,750m / 12,303ft
Mongar 1,700m / 5,580ft
Korila Pass 2,450m / 8038ft
Trashigang 3,773m / 12,375ft
Trashiyangtshe 1,850m / 6,070ft
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