Best Time To Travel Bhutan

Best Time To Travel Bhutan

Bhutan has unique and four distinct seasons which has its own beauty and charm for the traveler. Bhutan is year round destination. The Spring and Autumn gives traveler with beautiful scenario especially for photography tours to click the pictures with colourful wild flower around. Having said that winter and summer is also beautiful. It has its own beauty to draw the attractions.


Spring is best time all over Bhutan to visit. This season particularly decorates forest fully with blooming variety of wild flowers with birds singing around. Traveler can also join festival in some of the districts.

Months: March, April and May

Events: We suggest

  1. The Jacaranda blossoms at Punakha Dzong in mid-May
  2. Trekker lover Jomolhari Trek & Drukpath Trek start from mid-april til end-May
  3. Paro Tshechu Paro- Grate changes to see His Majesty the King of Bhutan
  4. Rhododendron festival , Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu


Months: September, October and November

Autumn is best season for harvesting. The weather becomes mild chill. Bhutanese people will be busy in harvesting their crops and traveler can also join with them and learn manual harvesting.

Events: We suggest

  1. Tour of the Dragon (Bicycle Race) Bumthang to Thimphu
  2. Black-Necked Crane Festival in Phubjikha valley ( Endangered bird festival) (one day)
  3. Thimphu Festival
  4. Jambay Lhakhang Drup with 20 different mask dances with Nacked dancers.
  5. Starting from early October harvesting season start  along with song of joy by the villager.


Months: December, January and February

The Majestic bird Black Necked Crane migrate lower foothills from Tibetan plateau and can be seen largely in the valley of Phubjikha, Bumdeling and Khotokha.Bumthang etc.This gives grate time for birds watching group and bird photography group.

Events: We suggest

  1. Punakha Tshechu
  2. Trongsa Tshechu
  3. Druk Wangyel Tshechu/ Dochula Tshechu


Summer is infect a good season to avoid the cold. Bhutan having variation in altitudes from place to place has provided different climate in same season. The traveler visiting Thimphu, Paro, Punakha etc high altitude city can experiences light rainfall. So it is perfect for sightseeing with Bhutan’s 72% forest greenerary all around.

Events: We suggest

  1. Mushroom festival: Genekha , Thimphu and Ura, Bumthang
  2. Kurjay Tshechu
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