Rafting in Bhutan

The cold snow capped Himalayan Mountain with untouched pristine nature allowed Bhutan to provide good source of river water through the seasons. Some of the river flows as far as Tibetan boarder after melting from the glaciers and joined small streams and make the rivers. The river rafting in Punakha valley gives good experiences to friends and families. In fact the scenic landscape gives rafter a very memorable experience. Punakha valley has two rivers which we do rafting. The mostly used is Mo chu Meaning ‘Female river’ which is 10 km long and has 10 rapids whose classes are 2 and 2 +. The other is Pho Chu meaning “Male river’ which is 16km long with15 rapids whose classes are 2 to 4. We suggest only expert to do rafting in Male river rafting as it is very fast. We have also Manas river rafting in the south but it if off bit so few tourist usually visit. We have also do rafting in Paro river in summer.

During the rafting we provide with experienced rafting guides with all the nacerary safety. Safety is a priority in this so all rafters will be briefed, securely equipped and safely guided throughout the whole trip. The only thing needed is a willingness to paddle and perhaps even get a bit wet. They will instruct you and takes you through  the scenic views that only Bhutan has. Birds like the White Belled Heron and Kingfishers are often seen or heard in their natural untouched habitat that is the lush green forests that only Bhutan has.

Bhutanese see the chance to safely explore the famed rivers safely and with an experienced guide as a good weekend trip with family and friends. The cold water and screams from other rafters make the experience even more memorable especially when you can tell your friends about how their faces looked when they hit the white water rapids.

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