Pangri Zampa - Institute of Buddhist Astrology

Pangri Zampa-Buddhist Monastery in North of Thimphu

In 1529 Tibetan Lama Ngawang Chogyel and his son Nagi Wangchuk came to Bhutan.They settled in Thimphu and built a small temple in the present location of Pangri Zampa Monastery. He named as Druk Phodrang, meaning Castle of Dragon.The name was one of the popular name of Tibetan Monetary on those days. The decedents of Lam Ngawang Chogyel have looked after until the arrival of the Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel the unifier of Bhutan in 1616 AD. It is also  said that when Zhabdrung was in Tibet he had a consistent dream of raven ushering him to south. When he travelled south following that good omen, it’s said that a real raven came guiding him till Pangri Zampa Monastery.

Zhabdrung built another temple in the compound and became Zhabdrung Lhakhang. During his time, it was more of his residence. And later Desi Tenzin Rabgay made it a temple of offerings. Bhutan history has that Je Jamyang Gyeltshen, the 18th Chief Abbot of Bhutan also lived there in later years of his life.

Today it was converted into studying the Traditional Buddhist Institute of Astrology. It is the only Astrology Institute in Bhutan. Every year this institute releases our official Bhutanese calendars and decides important national events of Bhutan. This institute decided the date of 5th King Coronation; King’s weeding and naming ceremony of our crown prince and many more.

Visitor can also request Lama to see their past and future life as per Buddhist believes.

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