Trekking in Bhutan

                                                     Trekking in Bhutan:

Trekking in Bhutan is unique and incredible. The trekkers will experience different feeling compared from what they have done in other countries. Bhutan has many trekking places starting from 2 days to twenty five days. Every trek has its own beauty and charm and trekker will forget totally everything the moment they start the trek. Trekker will enjoy views of snow-capped peaks, alpine forest, dense forested hill sides and river valleys, and sounds of birds singing  and flower blooming around in different season in different altitude and flowing of streams from the melting snow of the mighty Himalayan peaks.

Most of the trek takes the trekker to thick alpine forests and provides the opportunity to explore the scattered tiny settlements and to high altitude nomad village where they have been selling yaks products for their daily income. One can also interacts with people residing in high altitude and can understand the living style of local people. This people are isolated and not seen tourist, so they will greet and welcome trekker in curiosity along the trails and one can find uniqueness on treks.

Trekking in Bhutan is challenge for the trekker because of frequent changes in elevation. It demands physically and mentally fit. Trekker has to walk almost 7 to 9 hours in a day with some rest along the path. Some time trekker even has to walk in muddy and rocky steep path. Trekking in Bhutan start from two days leisurely walk to twenty five days Snowman Trek covering one of the highest remote settlement in the world. This demands trekker small preparation to acclimatize the body with small trek.

Bhutan is carbon negative country in the world and we organize treks and camping in an Eco-friendly manner.  The trekker will be supplied everything fresh with experience chef, cook assistance, Trained trekking guide and horse man with horse to carry the equipments and foods. So trekker is advice to take care of the Mother Nature while trekking. Trekking is year round in Bhutan but late autumn and spring are best because of clear sky in autumn and spring for wild flowers blooming season but every season has its own beauty and charms.

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