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In Bhutan there are certain rules and regulations set by the Bhutan Government to run the hotels. Bhutan government has set the roles saying only the three stars rating hotel and above can keep the international guests who are paying tariff to the government. Two star hotels who have failed to the standard set by the government are not allowed to host the international guests but they have given the time to upgrade for one year. The inspection of the hotels for their grade is done by join team of Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), Hotels Association of Bhutan (HAB) and foreign consultant from Australia. The Hotels grade is given as per international best practices adapted to Bhutanese needs, local aesthetics and incorporation of eco-friendly.

There for the entire three stars and above grade hotels has met the international standard and has all the services in place including from food and lodging. Hotels below three star will not met the international standard and if any problem occur the TCB will not be responsible.

3 Star Hotels ,Thimphu

Hotel Thimphu Tower

Hotel Thimphu Tower- Thimphu

Hotel Amohdara,Thimphu

Hotel Amodhara- Thimphu

Peaceful Resort, Thimphu

Peaceful Resort- Thimphu

Dorji Element

Hotel Dorji Elements- Thimphu

Hotel Gakyil

Hotel Gakyil- Thimphu

3 Star Hotels in Punakha &Wangdue

Drubchhu Resort

Drubchhu Resort- Punakha

Hotel Pema Karpo

Hotel Pema Karpo- Wangdue

Zhingkham Resort

Zhingkham Resort-Punakha

Damchen Resort

Damchen Resort- Punakha

Punatsangchhu Cottages

Punatsangchhu Cottages- Wangdue

3 Star Hotel in Paro

Bhutan Mandala Resort

Bhutan Mandala Resort- Paro

Namsay chholing Resott

Namsay Chholing Resort- Paro

Bhutan Metta Resort

Bhutan Metta Resort-Paro

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