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Biking in Bhutan

Bhutan being a mountainous country with its environment, Landscape, Villages, Valleys, Mountain passes and so on; it is good environment for the bike lovers. Bhutan Travel Organiser provides mountain biking tour along with sightseeing for whole trip or day biking depending upon the client interest. We have many biking trip visitors who gave us good feedback over the years and has encourage our team to organize and participate with them. Our team encourages others in the country and want to makes Bhutan as a biking friendly country in coming days. Our team always encourages Mountain Biking for both locals as well as visitors especially to young and energetic ones.

Paro, Thimphu and Punakha are highly recommendable because of its cycle-friendly routes and beautiful landscape. As you book your tour in Bhutan, a biking activity may be included in your itinerary at an additional cost.

Some of the day biking routes are:

Thimphu: Main city till Tango or Cheri base point and back. (18 KM one way)

Paro:  Chelela pass till Paro Town down hill (45 KM)

Paro: to Thimphu or Thimphu to Paro (55 KM)

Paro: Paro Town to Drukgyel Dzong  (26KMone way)

Thimphu to Punakha  ( 75 KM)

 Dochu la to Punakha  (50 KM)

Dochu la to Thimphu (25KM)

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