OnlyFans Internet Worth, Money, and you may Money Statistics

OnlyFans Internet Worth, Money, and you may Money Statistics

Featuring its astronomical user increases from inside the COVID-19 pandemic, they wouldn’t be much-fetched to presume you to definitely OnlyFans’ money and you will payouts have increased.

And indeed, he has. OnlyFans’ 2021 net money expanded by the 160% as compared to year in advance of. With well over 2 million creators and 188 billion clients, otherwise “fans,” the organization is doing well and you can isn’t really exhibiting one signs and symptoms of postponing.

But how perform these types of OnlyFans’ money and profit numbers stack up against prior years? What is actually OnlyFans’ market reputation and value, and how carry out the dealers feel about its unprecedented prominence, because of the frequency off racy blogs toward platform?

On this page, we are going to just take a closer look in the OnlyFans’ monetary and business profile and check out the platform’s extremely winning funds provide and you may regions. Read on to find out the newest OnlyFans money statistics.

Key OnlyFans Websites Really worth, Funds & Funds Statistics to have 2023

  1. For the 2021, OnlyFans’ full revenue achieved $931.eight billion , a beneficial 160% boost into the 2020 .
  2. Inside the 2021, OnlyFans’ earnings prior to income tax attained $411 million , a rise away from 574% off $61 million from the 2020 monetary season.
  3. When you look at the 2021, the fresh United States’ share off OnlyFans’ cash amounted so you’re able to $648.six billion, or 69.6% of your total cash out of $931.eight billion. (more…)

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